General Questions

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    Can I track the delivery status online?

    Yes, you may track you order status online. We provide you the tracking details after dispatching your parcel so you can track online the status of your parcel at their respective websites i.e. www.Fedex.com,www.TNT.com etc.

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    So, how much time it must take for the complete procedure?

    You can select the card(s) that suits your interest to receive as sample and make an order for them. Once your order for sample is received we will ship them within one working day. Simultaneous to ordering sample you can send us wordings in the word format. We will start designing the proofs immediately and will follow the complete procedure for proof as described here. So by the time you receive samples to make a decision, Proofs are also finalized.

    Once you see the sample, finalize the proofs and your payment is thru, we take the job for printing. We will ship the cards immediately after they are ready and will intimate you about the delivery details.

    5-6 days : For samples to reach and in the mean time proofs are finalized. Normally it must take 8-10 days for the complete procedure.

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    Is part delivery possible i.e. some cards to India and rest to one or more countries?

    Yes, if you wish to send some cards to India and rest to one or more countries than that is possible. In this case please send your details over email. Shipping to each country will be charged separately. Infect you will save lot of shipping cost as compared to other countries, if you are shipping to India.

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    Can i do a RUSH Order and is there a fee for this?

    When you send your order, just put an email that you need the order to be rush delivered. A sales team member will take care of your order immediately. Generally orders for events/wedding with next 2-6weeks are automatically treated as urgent and on priority. We dispatch most of the orders in 3 to 10 days.

    As for the charges, we generally try not to charge anything extra for RUSH orders, but if you need committed and 100% guaranteed deliveries, than it is best to pay RUSH order fee and take a tight and exact delivery schedule. Rush order fee may vary with card code, quantity and can range anywhere between 75US$ to 200US$. RUSH order dispatch time can vary between 1 to 4 days. In case we fail on the dispatch schedule of a RUSH order, only RUSH fee will be refunded.

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    Do you do India delivery?

    Yes we do deliver within India. It takes anywhere between 5-6 days to deliver within India.

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    Do you provide printing services? What are the printing charges?

    Yes, we provide complete printing services. Printing charges are US $ 0.25 per card (charged for Min. 100 cards and then in multiples of 50). It includes cost of printing custom invitation text on inner leaf or up to two insert(s) and bride - groom name, date of wedding, return address etc. on envelope (excluding guest name printing).

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    What is the procedure for proof?

    You can send us the wordings in word or text format as an attachment with an e-mail to info@shubhankarweddingcards.com . We will send the first version of proofs within 24 hours in JPEG image file format. You can view the proof and suggest us the corrections/ alterations (if any). In case if there are corrections we will again send you the corrected JPEG for proof. The process will be repeated till finalization. Only after your clear Green Signal the job goes for printing. Cards are silk screen printed.

    You are request to check the Printing Section for Wedding Wordings for wedding invitation text, Wedding Symbols for symbols and Fonts for Wedding Invitations for Font choices.

    In case you want the design in a particular font you can always tell us the name of font (or send us the font file as an attachment with e-mail), We can print cards in all languages e.g. English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Arabic, Spanish, French, Dutch etc. If we found that font printable we will design accordingly with provided font.

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    What are the font choices I have for my wedding card?

    In wedding invitations, normally script fonts are used. We can prepare matter in different fonts and styles and based on your choice and feedback we will design the matter till your satisfaction.

    Click here for Font choices Wedding Invitaion Fonts

    In case you want the design in a particular font, which is not listed on this page you can always tell us the name of font (or send us the font file as an attachment with e-mail).

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    Can you suggest me Wordings for wedding invitation, RSVP card, Thank you card etc.?

    You can select appropriate text for your card and related symbols from the links specified below:

    The wordings choice is available at: Wedding Cards Symbols

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    Do you provide printing for the guest names / guest list as well?

    Yes we do provide the printing for the guest names on the cards. The printing charges for the guest names will be additional (charged according to per guest name and his address). You can send us the guest names/list on our e-mail address info@shubhankarweddingcards.com We can also provide you calligraphy written by hand of a professional calligrapher.

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    Can you print the card in two languages, for instance English and Tamil?

    Yes we can print in any language. All you have to do is to provide us the text matter typed in word document and attach the font used to type the text matter. We can print in any language. In addition to this, we can print one card in two different languages. You can send us the text to us at info@shubhankarweddingcards.com

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    Can u print some cards for bride side and some for groom's side?

    Yes this is fine. If both have chosen a different card or have same card but different text, separate matters and proofing has to be done.

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    Can I put die-cast symbol of my choice?

    Yes you can put die-cast symbols on the card. You can see available die-cast symbols at below link:

    Die-casted Symbols
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    Can I print Initials or logo or symbols of my choice?

    Yes you can print Initials or logo on the card. Should you wish to send your own logo, it is preferred you send Black and white 300 DPI (or high resolution) pdf or jpeg file.

    The Symbol choices are available at: Wedding Cards Symbols

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    Can I choose and print text in the card for any other event other than wedding?

    Yes, you can use the invitations, for any occasion. We infect promote, using invitations for different occasion other than wedding. Wordings can correspond to the event & you may choose it through our website links in printing section.

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    Is Customization possible?

    Yes, our site facilitated customization on the Cards. We may customize the cards as per your specification but customization charges will be applicable. Customization Charges are depends on type of customization. Customization is subject to availability of material and possibilities of your specifications.

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    Do you provide add-on cards e.g. RSVP, Thank You cards?

    Yes, we may provide matching add on cards with your main card. Save The Date Card, RSVP Card, Thank You, Mehandi, Garba, Cocktail, Table/ Place Cards, etc. are add-on cards. Please e-mail us at info@shubhankarweddingcards.com to enquire about pricing of these cards. If you want we can send you free samples of RSVP Card, Thank You Card, Place Card, Program Card etc. with you sample order, please mention in the special remarks for it.

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    Can I add extra pages / inserts in the card?

    You can add extra inserts to your card if the text for wedding is more. The charges for extra inserts and their printing will be extra. You can e-mail about the requirement for extra inserts in the special remarks section while making order or simply e-mail us at info@shubhankarweddingcards.com

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    Will Add on cards match the main card?

    Yes, we will match the add on to the main invitation both in terms of paper and design. This is the basic strength of our site as the designs are our own and papers are always in ready stock. We are happy to make various things as needed in matching to the main invitation you choose to order.

    In digital proofs we show exactly what paper and color is used to make add on items. Should you have any doubts or clarifications, please check immediately with the proofing department.

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    Can I buy extra envelopes? Do you provide plastic envelopes/sleeves to protect the cards?

    Yes, you can purchase extra envelopes, for your cards. We do provide plastic covers / sleeves for the envelopes, to keep the envelopes safe. There will be extra charges for the plastic covers as they do not come along with the original card. In case plastic avoided by you we may provide your outer mailing envelope in Handmade paper, Wolly paper or Pearl paper on extra cost.